Speed and Power compression leggings Silvercamo

  • 25.07 EUR

These new and cool tights in Silvercamo are just as suitable for a gym as for running activity.

Unfortunately, the product is out of stock. :(


Speed and Power's popular tights in fine quality in a slightly lighter compression with a very comfortable flexible compression fabric.

These compression tights create a fixed feeling and provide very smooth transitions between movements.

Great for high-intensity training such as, gym, running, paddle, dancing, but also great for calmer activities such as yoga, thanks to the flexible fit and lighter compression fabric.

But we have also received from several customers who have shared that they use them "only" in everyday life due to convenience.

The tights have a high and wide waist in comfortable stretch material to maximize the best fit and increased comfort, adjusted drawstring at the waist that you can easily adjust to a perfect fit and make it impossible to slide down during your activity.

The tights have very good supporting material that gives a nice and safe feeling that everything is "in place" throughout the training.

These are in the same appreciated model as our premium alternative but the model has a different lighter compression fabric and other seams than our like-minded premium tights in the same model and color.

The leggings are normal in size!

Wash with wrong side out in laundry bag without fabric softener.