Compression leggings navy blue

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The leggings are just as suitable for a gym as for running activities. Squatproof is a term if they become transparent if the fabric is stretched.

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Compression tights are now a very popular training garment among all sports and activities.

These new stylish navy blue tights are in harder, high-quality compression, which results in improved blood circulation and oxygenation to tired muscles, and an increased muscle pressure that reduces the risk of injury.

You will find many new good updates on Speed and Power, new "compression leggings" such as more durable, high quality and nice compliant seams to minimize any chafing during training. Even better moisture transfer device than previous model. This model has also got bigger nice logos and text on one side of the leg.

These popular flexible tights are perfect for high-intensity training such as running, strength training but are also excellent for calmer activities such as yoga, thanks to the flexible fit.

But a lot of customers have shared that they use them "only" in everyday life due to convenience.


If you have the absolutely right size, these are Squatproof.

The tights are normal in size, but if you choose between two sizes, we think you should choose the smaller one because they can feel a little big in size.


The tights have very good supporting material that sits "in place" throughout the workout and thanks to the unique design highlights your natural curves and buttocks and gives a beneficial look.

The wide high waist with drawstring means that the tights do not slide down but sit where they should, regardless of activity and intensity.

Guaranteed squat proof at the right size.


Wash at a maximum of 30 ° C. Do not use fabric softener. Do not tumble dry. To be washed with similar colours.